Why do older rich men on dating sites refuse to date women their own age?

Men extremely prefer women who are younger and more attractive. Also, Young women want to find perfect matches who are successful and with socioeconomic status. But why do senior-rich men prefer to date young ladies rather than older women?

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The reverse occurs to a fair extent but almost only with women - i.e. they place some premium on men’s looks.

But with men? They really don't care so much about social and economic status in a dating partner. At least no more than a bar (for example, have a college degree). This does not mean that it is futile to promote their social and economic status of women, but it should be independent. This is vital, no small matter. But realize that this is a very different thing from the increasing number of opportunities to attract partners. Two critical considerations - independence versus attractiveness - which have little in common.

But this key difference in preferences between the genders bears most harshly on older women more than anyone else. No, all of that career success and money isn’t going to matter very much when trying to attract a successful man, maybe a deadbeat guy but such women don’t care for them anyway.

Why do men care so much about young women?

Well, at least have a solid reason, fertility and the ability to have children.

That's not a small deal.

What’s more, he will find several attractive women in their 30s who will be willing to date him given the status and security that a union between them will bring. Now, there is the old rich men have unrealistic expectations? Sure. But there are enough women. Grow not good-looking of Jones who want to date a man who is handsome and high income, highly educated, humorous, can cook, dance.

Why does old man refuse to date women your age?

If these people are not all success, this is obviously not realistic. A beautiful young woman is not stupid, they know their cache dating market. If these are successful, they know they have such a choice. Because of women no matter what their age may be, the success of the value and status of a person. So most of the old men want to date a young and beautiful woman. Only people with social status.

What is the best part of senior men dating young women?

This kind of phenomenon in the future will only become more apparent in the western women significantly higher than the male graduated from university, fewer and fewer people lead to higher socioeconomic status. Then the rest of the women of high position in the competition is more and more small men, they, in turn, will choose the best women's dating game.

So, older rich men prefer to date younger women with a few reasons. And, if you are a successful man who looking for your sugar baby, top 10 best rich men dating sites is your best option.

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