My personal experience with a "rich man"(and what you can learn)

I’ll start this off by saying that ever since I’ve been involved in the professiona dating sites for the rich men or millionaire, I’ve had (almost) nothing but good experiences. and one of those experiences is still fresh in my mind today.

Professional Dating Sites

Above all, wealthy professional women seek attention and true love. They want a man willing to give them gentle care and the love they desire. However, this does not mean that these wealthy women do not seek anything else from one man. It’s just a matter of ascertaining the fact that wealthy women, like any other woman, need men’s attention more than anything else. In addition to attention, other types of wealthy female professionals have wished to include:

First of all, I want to say that some of them have fabricated false information, exaggerated their wealth or status, the only purpose is to have sex with women.

Even after reading this article, it's hard to believe that men like this really exist (at least for me). I didn't notice the nuance until I actually met one. In short, that's my story, and what you can learn from my experience dating a rich manbut who is a cheater.

Early signs...

I had just turned 28, and I was living in Texas, and I got a message from someone called Garrix. It can be tricky to tell the real rich from the fraudsters through information, but once you actually meet, you'll understand.

A man who really wants to be with you for a long time will be happy to discuss what they expect from you and what they can offer. A liar will remain vague and avoid discussing any future with you, at least explicitly.

In Garrix. He seemed interested in discussing an arrangement before we had dinner together.

It was then that all the details were thrown away and he began to shy away from my question. He repeatedly reminded me how many messages he would receive each day, but he thought I had "potential" to be his next girlfriend.

Essentially, it was like an opportunity for him to tap into his self-esteem more than anything else. At the end of the first date, it was clear he wanted me to go home with him. Since it was my first date, I explained that it wasn't something I liked and he apologized.

Drive gender...

We went out again a few days later, and it was clear he had wanted to have sex early on. At this point, it just feels awkward and forced, and in that case, sex will never be on the table!

But in spite of my better judgment, I decided to give it a last chance and we went to a hotel bar for drinks.

Early on, I was once again growing up with the subject arrangement, but he told me I was paying too much attention, saying boring things, and he didn't even want to talk about pocket money until he knew sex would be worth it. He used a more explicit word; Trust me, it's disgusting.

Then, abuse

It was then that I made an excuse for myself and was bombarded by one message after another, saying I was nothing but a whore, saying I didn't know how to please men, etc., etc.

He called me so many times that I had to block out his number, and it wasn't until about four months later, when his name appeared between me and a group of friends, that I remembered him again. Let's say his username in looking for arrangements is very memorable, so I know this is his second time she brought it up!

She dated him a few times and went through the same thing - he refused to discuss any details with her, and he became hostile when it became clear she wasn't planning on sleeping with him, only that his reaction was 10 times worse than mine.

He stood in the garden where they were, and then announced that she was a prostitute and that he had not paid her because she was "not worth the money she asked for."

After that, he followed his pattern and bombarded him with information until she blocked him. It was then that the two of us started seeking arrangements and reported his explanation for the abuse, but it was quickly deleted.

Listen to your intuition...

It was my first bad experience, and even though the men I met before didn't get along, we always broke up amicably and agreed that we just didn't get along.

It made me feel more secure, and it really taught me to listen to my inner voice - when it didn't feel right, it probably did. If you've ever met someone like that, I sympathize with you, but if you haven't, I definitely suggest you go online and read the articles these people have posted..

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